Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Day 7 - Page 6 Melon Key Plate Album Freebie

What a day. I had to go and buy a new dishwasher today. I have gone almost 2 months now without a dishwasher that will clean throughly and actually dry the dishes. Even right now I have dishes stacked because I am so done doing dishes. So I spent most of this afternoon at Sears finding the perfect dishwasher for me. Well, it took a while but I finally did it. I hope it will get here by the end of the week because I have about had it! LOL!
Well, here are a few things to share with you today. The first two was an experiment trying to see if I could write tutorials. Guess what? I can't. LOL!

I took the same image and made two layouts. One for Daniel's album and one for the family album. Goofy boys. they decided to draw on themselves. Which they did get scolded for but I had to take pictures anyhow. I told them I wanted proof that they were disobedient when they were young.
Kit used: One for the Boys by BrokenJar Creations at DID.

Here are some pages I did today for my recipe album. I am only putting in things that my kids will eat and that I will make again. This is Wacky Taffy Apples by Paula Deen. I love her. Isn't she just great! I think sometimes I probably need to cut that butter in half though don't you? LOL!
Kit used: Grunge Stripe Paper by Fillydesign
Font: Tutti Paffuti NF
Template: andreagold_temp215rec by Andrea Gold

This is another one of Paula Deen's. Wild Rice Salad. This is soooo good.
fonts: Tutti Paffuti NF, JFWildWood,JuiceITC
template: andreagold_temp225rec by Andrea Gold

One more recipe - Mexican Chicken. Yes, Paula Deen. This is sooo good too. I really enjoyed this one!
fonts: Mexacali, Enviro
template: andreagold_temp435rec by Andrea Gold

Now here is what you probably came to see: The Melon Key Plate Album. Today is the 7th day but the 6th Page. Enjoy! The Melon Key Plate Album made with Melon by kimsmith designs at ScrappinDigiKreations.
This has been download has been removed.

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