Monday, January 05, 2015

Another Freebie-Wordart! Another page!

I finally got another page done.  I had to stay up REALLY late to get it done but I did it!

I wanted to get this page done because I have been thinking about my brother lately.  We lost him this past summer due to complications with two Grand Mal Seizures.   I wish I could have taken more pictures of him at the time but didn't due to the fact I didn't want to invade his privacy or make him feel weird.

I love this page because I finally used real journaling in a page.  This page will help me remember him the way I want to.  Happy and loving!  Wanting to live and wanting to please my mother.  But most of all my little brother that wanted so bad to be what the Lord would want him to be.
The journaling is might bore you but it reads:

What a special day this turned out to be.  Mom and I got to spend the day with Harris and he was so happy.  He loved the shirts that we picked out to wear for him.  He was smiles and even laughter on his part, even though it was hard for him to do so.  His smile still to this day will burn into my soul.  His favorite part was the jewels that was attached to our shirts.  He laid there holding the gems and caressing them.  We all enjoyed the time we got to spend together.  It was one of the last days that I got to spend with him before he died.  I will always cherish this day that we had.

I was looking for a quote that would fit this page perfectly and I finally found this page on MamaNYC.  There are many ideas and quotes here.  Try it out.  Maybe I will make some more word art using a few more of these soon.  If anyone has a request for one of them to be made into word art let me know and I will attempt to.

I used Little Miss Page Kit a collab from Luv Ewe Designs and CathyK Designs

I didn't make a quick page this time but I did save the word art for you.  It is saved at a 300 pixels/inch and a large 9.81"x 8" so you can use it for whatever your project will be (even vinyl).  I hope you like it.
I am trying out so bare with me.  I hope this works.  I have tried to attach the link to the image if you can not get it to work try HERE.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

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