Sunday, January 28, 2007

This layout is for the Swap Challenge at Digitals. You get paired up with another member and swap photos. She made me a page with my son Daniel. This is the page I made for her. It is her great niece and nephew. Don't you just love that smile!

Wording:My great niece Amy and great nephew Luca. These are the kids favorite cousin's as they're closest to their age. I adore being their Great Aunt that's for sure.December 23, 2006

Kit: A Fresh Start by Dea Spina
fonts: Natalie, PCInformalFormal

This is me and my new baby Travis on his blessing day. I am not too happy about the photo (of coarse I am never happy with my own photos). Baby Travis looked great in his little tuxedo.

Wording: Travis you are a special little boy. We thought we were complete and then we had you. You are loved not only by me and your father but by your older brothers. Each and every on of them love you with all their heart.

Word art by Digitals Scripture Challenge Hostess Karla Kellum (Lifesong Kreations). Great challenge at Digitals.

Kit: To Love and Care by Dea Spina

font: 2Peas Katherine Ann

These are some pictures of my neices a few years back. What sweet hearts they are. Alicia and Rosalyn are my sister Sheila's children. They are at a very pretty place in Minnesota outside the town of Spring Valley. Nope, I don't remember the place but I remember it being beautiful there.

Kit used: Living Outside by Lifesong Kreations (Karla Kellum)
font: Albemarle Swash

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In this picture they are getting older yet. I adore this family portrait with the house in the back and such. My Grandmother is on the far right of the picture holding a baby girl. I am guessing it just might be her younger sister Frances Marie. It could be a neice also. I am not sure.

Kit used: Beautiful Mother Papers by Sammy D

Elements: Beautiful Mother Elements by SammyD

Font: Amaze

Here is Tressie May and her grandchildren. There are quite a lot here but I am sure that is not all of them. You can not read all the names and the picture again is not that great but this is what I have to work with. I see her sitting in the middle of all of them and you can see she is happy. I did make a mistake on the year obviously. It was supposed to be 1937 and I fixed it on the original.

I originally made this page for the January Sketch Challenge at Scrappin Digi Kreations but then realized that the theme was New Beginnings. Oh, well. I guess I will have to make another page for that. LOL! I like the simpleness of this sketch. Very nice. Thank you vkimmycat for the challenge! I will get going on another one soon!

Kit used: Beautiful Mother by Sammy D
Beautiful Mother Elements by Sammy D

Font: Amaze

Here is Tressie May Evans Post with her children again. I look at these photos and just marvel. She must have been a great mother. I adore this picture here with the girls all over her lap. Even though you really can not see her face in the upper left photo I just had to include it in this page because it gives a little look into what she was like as a young woman. She looks very well kept. On the bottom photo I adore how they are all lined up with their mother. Obviously there was a special bond there.

I guess I am a bit envious. Look at all those girls. LOL! She might say the opposite about me. Something like "Look at all those boys! She must be a great mother"-well, she might be wrong about me but I am surely not wrong about her. She had 11 children, only 4 of which were boys. So she had 7 girls. Wow! All within about 20 years. Boy, I thought I had stretch marks. LOL!

Kit used: A Little Country Chic by TracyB

Font: Alois Heavy

Here is my Great Grandmother (Tressie Post) and her children. I am very impressed that they actually got as many photos as they did. On the left is the first four children, on the right is the first two children. The upper photo is of them on their farm with the kids. I am not sure what they are doing but it looks like fun! Look at all those chickens! LOL!

Kit used: A Little Country Chic by TracyB

The descriptions are the original descriptions that my grandmother typed out over 50 years ago.

Here is a picture of my family. We go out to California City to go motorcycling and quading every Christmas break. My kids really love it. This past year we had another baby so I did not participate as much.
This layout is a scraplift of Rona's Hong Kong Space Museum layout when she was the Kreative Kharacter for ScrappinDigiKreations in December 2006.
We go out to the desert every year for Christmas break. Here is our family this year except for baby Travis who was asleep.
Well, there is the first picture of baby Travis right there in the circle next to me and my hubby.
Kit: Winter Memories by Doro at ScrappinDigiKreations
Font: I forgot to write down but I believe it is 2Peas Blessings, and 2Peas Dear Diary

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