Wednesday, May 30, 2007

C Template up and Ready all!!! And another layout done woohoo!

I actually got quite a bit done today. I spent WAY too much time on the computer. Oh, well, I guess the laundry will still be there tomorrow. Right ladies? Anyhow, I hope that I get my new album in the store real quick so I can share with you the new pages/mini-album that I made up today.
This is a page I finished with baby Travis. This is the first day he came home from the hospital almost 6 months ago. I also made this layout with the He Said, She Said Challenge at Digitals in mind. I used Angel Zimmer's Blue Paper Quilt Kit and Dea Spina's Template Sewing Time 3 (template #2), and the font is LD Antique.

Here is my layout I made for my son Daniel for his ABC Album. I am on C-Yay! I hope I can keep this up. LOL!

I just love expressions and my whole poem is about different aspects of his personality. This one is Curiosity. These are some pictures of Daniel when he was about 18 months old. What a curious child he is.

Wording:C is for curiosity,you love to be that way,

I used Angel Zimmer's Define Me Kit ; My C Template (which is available below for about a week) , and the font is LD Cutsy Curls (I think).

Please click on the preview to the left or go here to pick up the template. I hope you have fun with it!

Monday, May 28, 2007

B template ready for you to grab!

I have been busy this past weekend so I was not able to get the template out for you. We packed all day Thursday so we could leave on Friday morning but then the power went out that night and we could not finish. Of coarse, then that is not all. We started to finish Friday morning and Tony kept remembering one more thing that he needed for the weekend and kept going to the store. LOL! It took another 4 hours to finish loading up. To top it all off this was only for three days! Well, we are all back in one piece and the boys had fun with their motorcycles.

Well, that is not why you came here is it? I have done another template for you. Here is a layout I have done with the template. I have used Angel Zimmer's Color My World. The font is Ariston.

B is for bright for you are a shining star.

To pick up the new template please click on the image below or click here.

I hope you all enjoy the template. I got a few more done last night so I hope to get them up in the next few days. This template will be up until the end of the week for you all. Again, Enjoy!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Extended time on freebie!

Just wanted to let you know that I will keep the current A template up over the weekend. I am leaving for the weekend myself and had not finished the current layout with the new template. I hope you have fun this weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do now. LOL! Which is a lot because I am a wimp! Haha!

Have a great Memorial Weekend and I hope to have some freebies all ready for each day next week so keep an eye out!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ABC Template A Freebie for an limited time!!!!!

Hello everyone! I have started a series of templates to make ABC books for my boys. My ultimate goal is to get an ABC Album made for 1hourscrap. I will be making both a boys book and a girls book. I am not sure how long this will take but I look forward to doing it. I started by writing a poem. You will see it as I finish each page. At the end I will share it with you.

This is my son Daniel's album. I know I should start with the oldest but Daniel is the first one that has all his pictures done digitally. LOL! Laziness takes over!

I have used Angel Zimmer's Baby Kisses. The template is my A template available below for 2 days as a freebie! The font is Black Chancery.

A is for Adorable 'cause that is what you are........ Please click on the image above or go here to pick up the template.

I did notice that no one really saw the last template freebie. There is one at the bottom of the previous post if anyone is interested.
Enjoy all!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sharing layouts - some with the SDK Mega Freebie Kit

This first layout was done with Bright Summer by SKGraham Creations at SDK.

The template was a freebie on scrappythomsen's blog. It is called Template 4.

Here are some more layouts I have done with the same kit. Or shall I say Mega Kit from ScrappinDigiKreations. Check it out because guess what they are FREE for this month only at SDK!!!!

This month ScrappinDigiKreations' On The House Mega Kit is called Summer Brights and boy are they bright! Check out their "On The House" section at SDK!!!

Here I have used the Summer Brights by SDK
I have also used another template by scrappythomsen called template 5.
Fonts: Big Truck, Bilbo-hand-Bold, Brie Light

Now the other wonderful thing I have found is TracyB is now starting to sell her templates at SDK. I was so excited because I loved her freebies on her blog. Well, now the freebies (if you miss them) are available at SDK. I used her first template set for most of these. It is called Templates with Attitude 1 by TracyB.
I have to say that I love her templates. She now has three more additional sets that I am going to have to go and snag soon. Right now she has the Templates for Commercial Use on sale so if you need some templates for your commercial use this is the time to snag them up!

These pages are of my second to the oldest son Christopher being the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz play in 1st grade (typo up there!). He was so cute. Last year my third son was in it too and they had mentioned something about Chris and how outstanding he was and that was two years prior.
Not to be biased at all but he sang a pretty awesome and loud "If I were King of the Forest!" He was born to be an actor but to him it is too much hard work. LOL! After this he wanted to be in plays but the first one he got his full of it because they had A LOT of practices and such. Oh, well.

Well, thanks all for looking! I am going to finish the rest of this bunch of pages hopefully this next week. And keep a look out because I am sure I will have a new template out soon too. Don't forget to look at the entry before this one for a freebie template.
Layouts with my new template freebie!

Yes,I have used these photos before but I keep forgetting to take more pictures of my new babe. LOL! You wouldn't think a mother would do that right? Yeh, right! After 6 kids you forget who you take pictures of and you have haven't. Well, I guess I am going to have to make a tally system or something.

Anyhow, I thought this kit was screaming for a baby layout so I did one. This is Travis (my youngest) just a couple months ago at 3 months old.

I got the inspiration for this layout from a scrapper on I just had to do the same thing. I scraplifted Your Lil Caddy by Scrappinfoofoo.I got the inspiration for the title from the kit I used. This is Travis at 3 months old. Little cute man!
Kit: Color My World by Angel Zimmer at Digitals.
template by me (look below)
fonts: Cable Shaded, Bounce, Campbell

The next page I did is a bit different color scheme. This time you may not believe this but this is not the same baby as above in the upper left hand corner. I might have to do a comparison page here. LOL! This is actually my second to my youngest son Daniel. Of coarse, then there is Jonny and their cousins Duncan, Rory, and Siobhan.

Kit: La Boheme by Gwenevere Dupus at .
Template by me (look below)
font: Bounce

Okay, now finally! Here is the template that I used. I hope you all can use it! I want to thank Scrappinfoofoo for her inspiration. She is now on my favorites! You should go and check here album out if you have time. Awesome inspiration. Maybe another scraplift gals? What do you think?
Pick up the freebie by clicking on the image above or HERE. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pages done and Template up!

Hello all! I hope you all had a nice Saturday. I got some things done yesterday and today and thought I would share them with you.

First I got a quick page set done called All Stitches and Flowers. This is a 12x12 set. It is on sale for 30% off at 1hourscrap .

This is what I did with the page set. I had a doozer of a time trying to let the kids allow me to cut their hair. Chris especially did not want it cut. Poor kid. I promised I would not cut his hair as short as the rest of them. Personally, I think he looks better with shorter hair but oh, well. This is actually meant to be side by side and says:
I think a few kids really needed some haircuts. Most were not happy at first, oh well! Eventually everyone was happy!

Okay, now this is a page finished did called Muscle Man. This is my 5 year old (almost 6 on Monday) showing me his muscles while at the park last month. He just cracks me up!
Template: You're a Star Template by me (look below to get it)
Fonts: 2Peas Jones Neighborhood, 2Peas Oceans Crossing
And here is the template that I made for this page. I hope you all like it. It is called You're a Star Template and you can get it here or click on the image below.

Have a great day all! Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Hike Mini-Album and a Template Freebie!

My husband took my boys on a hike a few days back and came back with some great pictures so of coarse I had to scrap them all!

I used the kits: Colourways-Lime and Colourways-Indigo by Tink at Digitals.

I used the following templates : Template 74 by Andrea Gold, Template 56 by Andrea Gold, Panoramic Star Template by me (freebie below), Template 62 by Andrea gold, and a sketch by Chiara.

I had a lot of fun making this album. I hope you enjoyed looking at them.
And of coarse a freebie template for you all! This one I made the tree page with above (third page). I just took the stars off but I like the stars on there it just looked fun I thought. Enjoy all! Click on the image or here.

Please leave a comment if you can, that would be nice. Thank you all that have left comments I really appreciate it! I am so surprised at all the downloads. That is so great! I am glad that you like my templates!

See you later! I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard! LOL!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My son Turns 11,Doing a Challenge, and a Freebie Template

I guess you could say that I have been busy. I don't get all my pages done up on my blog but I am going to try to. And at the same time I will try to have at least one freebie (usually a template) everytime I post. Sorry this is a long post so please bare with me.

I did these three pages with pictures from my oldest sons Birthday Dinner Celebration.

This is my son Matthew turning 11.
I think someone is happy to be turning 11. What do you think? Happy Birthday!

All of the following pages were made using the kit:
Summer Brights by Kim Smith at SDK.
The template used here is template Roi by .
Fonts: LD Shady, LD Party Time

This one I used Template dechire by . Fonts: LD Christmas Carol, LD Artsy

This one I used template ronde by . Fonts: LD Shady, LD Party Time

I have to say that I really did enjoy doing these pages. I just love bright colors!

I did the following page as a challenge at ScrappinDigiKreations blog. This is TracyB's mixed bag challenge.

First challenge for May: Scraplift yourself. Pick two of your layouts and lift parts of them to create a brand new layout. You can use the colors from one, the photo placement of another, etc. Anything like that. So I did it.

First I scraplifted the style from my layout called "What IS the matter?" found here . Then I scraplifted the color scheme from my "What a great big brother" found here. I think this is a great challenge and very fun! Why don't you all try it out. You also get a freebie that corresponds with SDK's mega kit for the month (which by the way is free too!).
For this layout I used the Kit: Lime Sherbert by SKGraham Creations ; Template: Strips of Paper Template by me (freebie below) ; font: Present

Here is the freebie for today. I hope you like it! Please click on the image below or go here.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Come join us over at Digitals for some great Treasure hunt,daily downloads,and more! We will have lots of fun!
Easter Layout and Freebie Template!

Hello all! I was so shocked to see all the comments. I really appreciate all of them. I would love to see what you do with any of them. If you want - don't hesitate to send me an e-mail showing me what you have done and I will put it up here on my blog.

Well, I do have another template for you all. Here is what I did with it. I also, have another layout I did with this in the Digitals Newsletter for Early May. Check it out!

Here is my layout! I used the Kit: Velveteen Rabbits by Gwenevere Dupus at ScrappinDigiKreations.

Here is the freebie template for you. I hope you have fun with it! I am so sorry but the link has been removed to make room for more!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Digitals CT and Freebie Template!!!!

Did I ever tell you that I made the Digitals Site CT Team! I am so excited and I get to meet all the designers and use their products. Isn't that exciting! I have been a member of a few designers CT's over there for quite some time. I love the atmosphere over at Digitals and they are so fun to be around. I am just so thrilled to have been picked.

This month I am the CT for Tink. You can go see her blog here.I have always loved her designs and now I get to play with them. The first kit I get to play with is her Colourways-Lime kit. It is so much fun! Here is the layout I have done with it.
I used Black Chancery as my font here. A very simple yet nice font. I do have to say that I love how his eyes turned out on this one. He is such a handsome boy. He looks just like my husband did at this age. Shocking right!? Not!

I did get this idea from a fellow scrapper though. I have another layout I have done like this that I scraplifted for the Digitals Newsletter but the kit I used has not been put in the store yet so I still have it sitting in my to send box. I scraplifted You are my one and only made by Luiza Garay .

Anyhow, I loved it so much I had to do a template to match. I hope you all like it!!!

Here is the template. I am sorry but this link has expired so I can upload more fun templates for you!

Leave me some love if you have time. Thanks bunches and have a great day!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dying Easter Eggs and Freebie Template

I loved the page Speed by Becky at digiscrapping yahoo group so I scraplifted it but made a template too. After making the template I turned it and made this layout:
Eggstra Special Kit by Kim Smith ; Eggstra Special Add-on by Kim Smith ; template by me (get it below) ; font: Black Chancery

Here is the template I made if you would like it(click on image):

Sorry link has expired so I can upload more fun templates!
Thanks for looking. Have a great day!

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Hello all! Now that I am getting more and more into creating I would love to see what you are all doing with my templates. Please do not hesitate to email me HERE. Now beware though, I might just put it on my blog so watch out! Also, give me the links to the products you used and I will put it up here too!
I can't wait to see your layouts!

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