Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Template Freebie for you! And some more pages I have finished in the past week.

Hello all! Yes, I have made another template for you. I was doing a layout yesterday and I was thinking that I could do a template of it. And I did. Anywho, I just wanted to share some layouts I have been doing too so here goes!
This first page is my favorite for sure. It is what I am "grape"ful for. Yes, I know a little corny right? Well, I thought it was cute. I love this kit and I want to do as much with it as possible. I think I might even print this one out and put on the wall. What do you think? I am biased because it is everything I am grateful for.

The Winery Kit by Silvia Romeo ; font: CK 8 Ball, Vtks Blank 1.0

This page was made for a friend of mine. Her son is really good friends with my oldest. I thought I would do a page for her. I hope she likes it. This is graduation last year.

School Days by Angela Sharrow ; Big Photo Layered Template by Dea Spina ; font: ChalkDust
Well, these are my two oldest boys. They took my camera last week and had to snap a few pictures of each other. Well, to say the least they were a "bit" dramatic. It was quite hilarious.

Fussy Frenzy by Cassel ; Font: LD Crosstich

What is this mother's dream? To someday have my two boys be this close again. They were close when they were young and now they are like oil and water. I do look forward to the day when they can get along.

Dea's Gathering Pieces 1 by Dea Spina ; font: Zinco

This is a page I have done for the September 08 Kreative Font and Word Art Challenge at ScrappinDigiKreations. It is on happiness and I found this quote that just made it perfect for me. I also used my last template on this one too, doesn't it look familiar?

Well, there are some exciting new things happening over at Do It Digi. They have a new section in the forums that you have to sign up for. They are workshops, one for ABC and one for Calendars.

Here is the information about the ABC Workshop:
Do It Digi is now offering Workshops!! Join one or all of the workshops available and get your projects complete. Most workshops will offer product, instruction & inspiration!!

To subscribe to a DID workshop, log into the DID forum, go to your USERCP , scroll down to 'Miscellaneous' and click on Paid Subscriptions.

The 2009 Calendar Workshop

Each week from September 15 until December 14, you will receive a new monthly calendar template in sizes 12"x12" and 8.5"x11", layout template and collection of at least 10 papers, frames and embellishments for the month. These collections will be somewhat themed for seasons with both summer/winter and autumn/spring in appropriate months so that no matter where you live in the world, these will fit your season! The colour palette will be interchangeable and will also co-ordinate with the ABC Challenge Workshop by BrokenJar Creations. If you sign up for both workshops, you'll end up with a HUGE collection of papers and elements that co-ordinate!!

Instructions on printing and binding your calendar for gifts or personal use are included, as well as inspirational ideas to help you in your creations!

*BONUS: This workshop will include the calendar template, layout template and collection for January 2010!!

Calendar templates will be available in the store for $15.00Monthly Calendar Collection Kits will be available in the store for $3.00 each week

That's a total of $54 for the complete collection. BUT Calendar Workshop subscribers will receive the whole collection for only $20.00!!

Once you pay for your subscription you will have access to the Calendar Workshop forum for as long as it exists! Sign up NOW!!

ABC Workshop

What: ABC Workshop
Where: Digitalscrapping ~ Do It Digi forum
When: Beginning September 12th, 2008
Why: To complete an ABC album or project

How: ABC Workshop Subscribers will receive all the A - Z kits (26 in all) along with templates and inspiration to complete your ABC projects. At least one new letter kit will be available each week. There will also be some exclusive freebies for subscribers only! We will share ideas on different ABC projects and ways to print or present your books.

Individual Letter Kits (excluding templates) will be available in the shop for $4.00 each, for a total of $104.00 for the whole collection. ABC workshop subscribers will receive the whole collection plus templates ,inspiration, exclusive freebies, fun and more for only $25.00!! That is a minimum $104.00 value for only $25.00!!!

Once your pay for your subscription you will have access to the ABC Workshop forum for as long as it exists!!

Really????: YES!!!Be the first to have these fun, versatile kits , get one or many projects completed AND get the best price available!!

The kits for each workshop are coordinating so you will have TONS of beautiful papers and embellishments to work with!

So here is my first layout for this workshop! I love the kits they are providing for this workshop. What fun and beautiful colors.

I loved this poem by N2scappin found on organized scrapbooks. Thanks Wendy for the heads up. A is for asking.We ask when we pray.God's happy to answer, And help us each day.

These are pictures of my son when I was praying a lot. He was in the burn hospital for two weeks when he was a baby. What a tramatic time for all of us.

Here is my hubby with my two youngest this past January. They just would not get off his lap. What is funny is that is what they usually do all the time. Poor Daddy I thought with a chuckle in my mind - It is your turn! LOL!

Fussy Frenzy by Cassel. Font: STOMP_Bullpen

Okay, here is what you probably came here for and enough of my ramblings and excitement right. LOL!

Here is two templates for you to grab. They both have the PNG and PNG+ files with ,of course, the PSD format all in one zip. So enjoy!


To pick up the 12x12 template please click HERE to pick it up!

To pick up the 8 1/2 x 11 please pick it up HERE.

Contact Me

Hello all! Now that I am getting more and more into creating I would love to see what you are all doing with my templates. Please do not hesitate to email me HERE. Now beware though, I might just put it on my blog so watch out! Also, give me the links to the products you used and I will put it up here too!
I can't wait to see your layouts!

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