Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ScrappinDigiKreations has a great give away for the month of October! Come check it out!

You have got to see this great kit that the designers at SDK have made for everyone this month. My contribution has not been put up yet but will be I hope next week. All you have to do is register at the store and you can put this in your shopping cart for free! Check it out HERE!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello everyone! Lots of news for you all! And a freebie!

First, I just wanted to share with you all something Barbie Chewning made for me. Wasn't that so nice. Now I just have to put it up. I am not sure how to do that but I am sure I should be able to figure it out. On top of being so awesome and making this for me, she is also back from a much needed vaca. If anyone doesn't know- Barbie she has been a designer at 3Scrapateers for quite some time. For a while she was selling at ACOT but is now exclusive with 3S. Woohoo!

I would like to invite you all to come to her FUN crop over at 3scrapateers this Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 1:00PM EST. I am sure it is going to be just lots of fun! I hope to see you there!

The next great news is that DoItDigi is back! Yes, it is! I am not sure if you all remember it but I do. This was the first site that I ever got involved in. It closed for a little bit but it is now up and running. I am going to help Wendy out from time to time so I will try to post some things here for her. But I hope you all get over there because she is one awesome lady and as soon as the site gets going I know it will be back to it's awesome self. Come over and see what is going on!

Now for a freebie! I have been doing a few alphas to add to my fundraiser (which is finished and I will tell you all about it in another post). Here is one that I enjoyed making and would like to share with you. You can pick it up HERE or click on the picture

I hope you like it! Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am finally in the store at SDK!-with a freebie alpha too!

I have been a CT member for ScrappinDigiKreations for about a year and a half. Wow, how time does fly right! Well, I have had fun. I am still a CT member over there but they also asked for me to sell my templates and such there too so I am excited.

Now, I am working on a template kit but my first real product is in the store. Here it is:
This is an Elegance Alpha that I made that is a type of marble look in the center with a gold outline. I love these types of alphas because you can use them so many ways.

To go to my store and check it out go HERE!

Now I do also have a celebration alpha that I made to share with everyone! I was so excited to start up that I had to make a thank you alpha for everyone. Now to receive this alpha you need to go to the store and "buy" it but it is free. Just go to this link HERE and put it in your shopping cart. While you are there you might want to check out the AWESOME kit this month that is our freebie at the store too! It is called Hobgoblin and you can get it HERE!

Now that is not all! I have also made a matching alpha for the Hobgoblin kit and it will be coming pretty soon to the store. I will let you know when and where it comes out. So keep your eyes peeled for this freebie as well!

Have a good day!

The templates are coming soon if my baby will let me do anything today! LOL!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Busy, busy, busy! That is what I am!

Yes, I have been quite busy this past month and I hope that you all like what I have been doing. First, I made a couple pages for this:
It is a kit and a quickpage Album that is just beautiful and you can get it HERE. To check out who Amy is and why we have chosen to do this for her please read HERE.

And there is a matching alpha that is just gorgeous HERE. All proceeds go to Amy Clarke's family.
These are the quickpages I made for this ensamble:

Now here is Boy! It's a Birthday quickpages that I made for my store at 1HourScrap last month and just wanted to share with you.

This second set is called A Star Girl I just loved because it is so pretty. I love playing with "pretty" things since I don't have any girls I had to use my sister's girls. LOL! I don't think she minds since she never gets to scrap. In fact she is always so happy to get these when I send them to her.

So what do you think? I hope you like them. I had fun playing.
I hope to get some real work done in the next few days. I still have those templates I am working on too. Man, can I slow down yet? LOL! I am still working on the previews for the fundraiser.
Have a great day all!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello all! I am so sorry that I am MIA lately.

Okay, believe it or not but my kids were out last week and I thought I would have MORE time to do things. Guess what? I had way less. My husband decided to take a few of those days off and take the kids to a few different places. The kids had lots of fun but they took up my whole week.

Then this week I have been rushing to get the school's fundraiser up and ready. I am working on two things for it. We have an auction every year to help fund P.E., Science lab, Music, and Art. Living in California we just don't get the funding that others have. Sounds backwards doesn't it. But the reality is the kids would just have the main subjects if we as the PTA didn't do all this. Anyhow, so I have been bombarded with all this for school. I hope to have both the Room Mom responsibility and my personal contribution to them tomorrow and then my life should get back to normal.

Well, I did get over 60 quickpages made for my personal contribution. When I get my previews made I will definitely show you gals. That is my project for today. I am so excited.

Thank you all for your patience. I guess I better get going and get things done!

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Hello all! Now that I am getting more and more into creating I would love to see what you are all doing with my templates. Please do not hesitate to email me HERE. Now beware though, I might just put it on my blog so watch out! Also, give me the links to the products you used and I will put it up here too!
I can't wait to see your layouts!

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