Monday, March 26, 2007

I got this from Sophia at her blog:

I thought I would do it to.

One Word, One Word Only

Yourself: tired
Your partner: sweet
Your hair: uncombed
Your Mother: awesome
Your Father: deceased
Your Favorite Item: computer
Your dream last night: forgotten
Your Favorite Drink: water
Your Dream Car: ?????
Your Dream Home: clean
The Room You Are In: messy
Your Ex: dork
Your fear: spiders
Where you Want to be in Ten Years? healthy
Who you hung out with last night: family
What You’re Not: thin
Muffins: blueberry
One of Your Wish List Items: girl
Time: fast
The Last Thing You Did: cooked
What You Are Wearing: sloppies
Your favorite weather: cool
Your Favorite Book: HarryPotter
Last thing you ate: fudgesicle :-)
Your Life: satisfying
Your mood: good
Your Best Friend: Angela
What are you thinking about right now: meme
Your car: SUV
What are you doing at the moment: meme
Your summer: hot
Relationship status: married
What is on your tv: Snorks
What is the weather like: cool
When is the last time you laughed: morning

I thought it was fun! Have a great day!

1 comment:

Christina Bartholomew said...

What a neat idea! I loved reading a bit more about you.

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