Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ABC Template A Freebie for an limited time!!!!!

Hello everyone! I have started a series of templates to make ABC books for my boys. My ultimate goal is to get an ABC Album made for 1hourscrap. I will be making both a boys book and a girls book. I am not sure how long this will take but I look forward to doing it. I started by writing a poem. You will see it as I finish each page. At the end I will share it with you.

This is my son Daniel's album. I know I should start with the oldest but Daniel is the first one that has all his pictures done digitally. LOL! Laziness takes over!

I have used Angel Zimmer's Baby Kisses. The template is my A template available below for 2 days as a freebie! The font is Black Chancery.

A is for Adorable 'cause that is what you are........ Please click on the image above or go here to pick up the template.

I did notice that no one really saw the last template freebie. There is one at the bottom of the previous post if anyone is interested.
Enjoy all!


Diana said...

A great Template! Thank you so much!

grambie said...

So cute with the holder for the photos in this so cute alpha template. Nice placement of the alpha along with the photo openings. Thanks for sharing. HUGS! XOXOXO

karinkay said...

I love the tilted photo layer and how the photos can be "tucked behind" another layer. Thanks for sharing!

shawnyrvr said...

This works perfectly for me... I don't have any children yet, but my last names starts with an "A".

How lucky am I? lol


Catsrul said...

This is way too cool. Will make an awesome book! I hope I don't miss out on more of them if you post over the weekend, as the family and I are going camping 'till Monday. Maybe you could extend the download time a little if you do. (hint-hint). Thank you!!!

Jody said...

This is so great. I hope you do the whole alphabet! Thank you so much - I want to make a whole album.

mel said...

awesome template! eagerly awaiting the next letter??

thanks a lot,
much love,

Sharon Kay said...

Oh my middle son's name is Anthony....drats I wish I hadn't missed it!!! I did get it for my youngest Brian. Drats. lol Maybe I can catch a T if you make it.

Stephanie said...

I'm with Sharon Kay, I missed it. Darn! I'll eagerly await your other letters. Thanks for being so willing to share your work! It's awesome!

emilymomto3boys said...

Thank you so much! My boys all have A names so this will be so cute for them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much! These look fantastic! I am new to digi scrapping (and scrapping in general) so these will be a super inspiration and timesaver as well. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy P said...

This is lovely - thank you

Howie said...

thank you so much!!

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