Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Digitals CT and Freebie Template!!!!

Did I ever tell you that I made the Digitals Site CT Team! I am so excited and I get to meet all the designers and use their products. Isn't that exciting! I have been a member of a few designers CT's over there for quite some time. I love the atmosphere over at Digitals and they are so fun to be around. I am just so thrilled to have been picked.

This month I am the CT for Tink. You can go see her blog here.I have always loved her designs and now I get to play with them. The first kit I get to play with is her Colourways-Lime kit. It is so much fun! Here is the layout I have done with it.
I used Black Chancery as my font here. A very simple yet nice font. I do have to say that I love how his eyes turned out on this one. He is such a handsome boy. He looks just like my husband did at this age. Shocking right!? Not!

I did get this idea from a fellow scrapper though. I have another layout I have done like this that I scraplifted for the Digitals Newsletter but the kit I used has not been put in the store yet so I still have it sitting in my to send box. I scraplifted You are my one and only made by Luiza Garay .

Anyhow, I loved it so much I had to do a template to match. I hope you all like it!!!

Here is the template. I am sorry but this link has expired so I can upload more fun templates for you!

Leave me some love if you have time. Thanks bunches and have a great day!


Tink said...

Janeal what a great layout and what a handsome young man your son is! Thanks for doing my kit such justice!
PS I snagged your template - thank you :o)

Shell said...

Congrats on making the CT. Great layout & thanks for the template.

Anonymous said...

Janeal - the template itself is great but I love how you used it for your layout. This is so inspiratonal for me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Great template! Thanks so much!

Judy S. said...

You deserve that spot! Your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a great day!

Nicole said...

Thank you for the great template.

Jennifer said...

Love your LO, thanks for the template so I can have a LO like it.

karen said...

thanks for the template.

sabedavo said...

Love the template. Your layout is stunning. His eyes just pop! Congrats on Digitals CT!

Rona said...

thanks for all the templates! love them!

korib said...

Thank you for the template!

Barb said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I was able to dl 3 templates.. thank you for sharing. Cheers,
Barb in Australia

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this great tempalte. Love the LO you did with it! It is appreciated! BettyJoR

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the template, I like the layout also. Love green!!


Glenda said...

Great template and LO. Thanks for sharing the template. I love it.

mel said...

thanks so much for the template!
much love,

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