Monday, June 04, 2007

D Template Freebie and some layouts!-Don't forget to get the A Template too (below)

Hello all! First and formost I would love to say thank you to all that have commented on my ABC Album Templates. I really do love to do these and I am glad that you are enjoying them too. I was not sure if I was going to make the templates when I first started because I thought everyone would think they were kind of goofy looking. Well, you have not idea how happy you have made me feel knowing that others could use the templates and that you liked them. Again, Thank you all! I love to read all the wonderful comments and love that you can use what I make.

Okay, now I have a few things to share with you. I did this first layout using Tink's Colourways-Saffron kit. I also used the template g from Lisa Minor. I got it off her blog. These templates are in DIP format but I just enlarge to my 12x12 size and use my magic wand to put my papers or photos in.

Well, thanks to Lisa, I had to go buy DIP myself. So I hope to get it downloaded today to try her templates out the correct way. LOL! I am so excited.

Here is my page I have done for the ABC Album for my son. This is Daniel in the hospital with his brother holding him. I believe he is one day old here.

The next line to my poem goes:
D is for Darling all the long, long day.

I have used Dea Spina's Nearly Spring kit and of coarse my D template available below.

You can pick this template up by clicking on the image above or go here.

I hope you like it. Enjoy!


Tammy said...

Thank you once again for reactivating A. I'm glad you did. And thanks for D. Hopefully I will get around to using these wonderful templates.

Karen said...

Thanks for the D

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the D & A!!! I bookmarked you because I did not want to miss any more. You are so generous to reactive A. These are so cute. I just love your LO's! BettyJoR

grambie said...

So beautiful is your D template design. Love to view your fabulous layouts with all the sparkles & celebratory aspects of the New Year's family photos. They are just awesome with the fun colors & double page effect. Hopefully next month I can at least start on this album since I have my computer back from Sony. (Have to finish partitioning & all the stuff.) HUGS & KISSES XOXOXOXOXO

KendiRN said...

Thank you for continuing this awesome template series!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Just discovered you were working your way through the alpha, so I caught up with B-D and have you bookmarked so I hopefully don't miss any!
Thanks for sharing them. I also love to see the LOs done with the templates - makes them look so much better than just the "shades of gray" look, LOL!

Catsrul said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been checking back daily, so I don't miss any!

Anonymous said...


Glenda said...

Thank you for the template D.

mel said...

awesome template!
thanks so much for sharing, i love it!
much love,

karinkay said...

I love (as usual!) both of your layouts today . . . they certainly help spark creative ideas. Thanks for sharing the "D" template.

Princess said...

thanks for the lovely template! i loved it!

Joanna said...

Great template - thanks a lot.

Vicki said...

Hi Janeal! I didn't know how else to let you know - here's what I did with templates A, B, & C:


HeatherB said...

Thanks for sharing. Another great template from you!

Howie said...

great...thank you

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