Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I scrapped without making a template!
(but H Template is in the post below this one so keep going to get to it!)
Okay, for you this is not great is it but for me it is. I just had to get something done today. Here are my pages I have finished. I actually printed the first one out and then realized that I had put the flourish over my sons eye. Oh, well!

I did the Cousins page using Doreen Stolz's A Wind of Spring from ScrappinDigiKreations.
I also used Annetje77's Round 2 template that is up on her blog. Check her blog out if you like templates. She has some pretty unique Alpha and number templates there too.

Another page that I call Hangin' On I did of my son Daniel hanging on the ramp bars at school.
While Jonny was busy doing his musical program Daniel had fun climbing all over the ramp in his "kewl" Winnie the Pooh headband.

I used Angel Zimmer's Cherry Pie kit (Digitals is not working right now due to changing servers so I will get the link up later).

I also used Lindsay Jane Designs' Template for this layout. I just found her blog today when I was looking through IkeaGoddess' blog. What a find. I love scrapping circles.

And here is my last share for right now. I have done a page of my son Jonny at the musical program. He loves to show his colors off. I love to do theme pages like this.

Again, I have used Angel Zimmer's Cherry Pie Kit and her Blueberry Pie Kit from Digitals.

And of course, I had to use another template from Lindsay Jane Designs' blog. I thought this was really nice with the curled photo. Thanks Lindsay!


Sandie said...

Wonderful LOs!! Glad to see what is going on in your life, and that you are getting some of your own scrapping done! Great!!

Glenda said...

This is the first time I have been to your site, I think. I have been here for hours and I think I have snagged every template you have made. I love to work with templates and yours are wonderful. I didn't leave a thank you on each one because I would have been here for breakfast had I done that. I am leaving one gigantic great big THANK YOU instead. I have just started on "the big boxes of old family pictures" and these will be super. Thank you so much.

Nancy P said...

Janeal-I have not been here in a while and WOW - I found an alphabetical Gold-mine! These pages are just awesome! I have two new grandchildren and this kind of an album with the alphabet is really a beautiful way to scrap for them!
Thank you for all of these wonderful gifts!

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