Monday, August 20, 2007

I have been blog hopping today and found a fun blog that not only does she scrap, and have a cool freebie template but.... she does some fun Hybrid art. Check it out:

I have to also say that I could not blog hop as much as I do without , , , and . What fun sites. It makes my template hunt so easier. Thanks all gals! And I sometimes find my freebies up on their sites too. Can you believe it!?! I feel honored. Thanks gals!


grambie said...

Oh, I'm the first today. Thanks for the info today so I made a visit to that site. I see where they do hybrid scrapping. Looked for the templates, but everything was in square with the exception of one winner who did rectangle. Interesting to visit various sites to browse and see what they have to offer. I will be back to visit you again sometimes this week. Still have additional medical appointments. HUGS!!!

Rose said...

Thank you for you comments on my blog. I just realized that I have been posting the incorrect files for my templates. . I've been posting PNGs instead of PSD. . .oops

So, throughout this evening, as I get the CORRECT FILES uploaded, they will be showing up on my blog again!!!

UGH. . I'm so sorry and so embarrassed

Melissa said...

Just wanted to say hello and thanks for your awesome templates. I just found your blog today and love the Alphabet template series you're doing! :)

Deborah Misfit said...

I made a Layout with your new Circles Template - I'd love for you to look at it!

Joy said...

Thank you so much - I love your templates and the LOs you share!

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