Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello all! I am so sorry that I am MIA lately.

Okay, believe it or not but my kids were out last week and I thought I would have MORE time to do things. Guess what? I had way less. My husband decided to take a few of those days off and take the kids to a few different places. The kids had lots of fun but they took up my whole week.

Then this week I have been rushing to get the school's fundraiser up and ready. I am working on two things for it. We have an auction every year to help fund P.E., Science lab, Music, and Art. Living in California we just don't get the funding that others have. Sounds backwards doesn't it. But the reality is the kids would just have the main subjects if we as the PTA didn't do all this. Anyhow, so I have been bombarded with all this for school. I hope to have both the Room Mom responsibility and my personal contribution to them tomorrow and then my life should get back to normal.

Well, I did get over 60 quickpages made for my personal contribution. When I get my previews made I will definitely show you gals. That is my project for today. I am so excited.

Thank you all for your patience. I guess I better get going and get things done!


Deborah Misfit said...

Glad you are okay and keeping busy. Wow that sounds like a lot! How wonderful to spend the time with family! Enjoy it!

Tink said...

Sometimes we just need to step back and spend more time away from the computer. Glad you spent yours with your family.

grambie said...

So glad you had time to spend with dh and children for a fun time together. I understand about your projects for the school and it is a shame that these things happened. I remember when CA had the best public education system within the United States. Yet, they continue to add more people to their system while denying their citizens children the right to a viable and learning education. I pray for you to have monetary as well self-enabling successes that will definitely benefit your children but other children as well. We need more parents like you to take an active part in their children's education. Then the system would change, and only then will it change. So for those reasons, you take care of your family's future through education. You have my prayers and thoughts. Giving love to you, your family, and friends.

Jody said...

Enjoy the children while you can! Those days can never be played again.

I am looking forward to seeing your QP contribution. I would be interested in purchasing them to contribute to the fundraising if you are offering them.

Take care and hugs to you, happy to know all is well even though it is busy!

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