Monday, February 12, 2007

I was watching DIY's Scrapbooking today and they showed this technique to take one picture and take different parts of it to make a layout like this. I thought it was cool so I did Personality pages for all my children except the baby.
Matthew has the natural ability to play most any sport with great ability. He is a kind friend to all that knows him. He is very bright and prides in the fact that he can understand almost any math that the teacher gives them.
Chris is the funniest guy I know. He cracks us up daily. He is so smart. He enjoys to draw and make cartoons. He is so spiritual and will surprise me daily with his insites.
Michael is the sweetest and the most kind hearted young man that I know. He always gives me hugs and says he loves me. He tries his best in everything he does. He loves music and shows it in many ways.

Jonny is my spunky,outgoing,sweetie that loves to help when he has the desire to. He loves to watch educational shows with Daddy and says he is going to be a doctor someday.

Daniel has one of those personalities that just makes you want to sit and cuddle up with him forever. I love how he just smiles all day long.

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Candi, MaMaCandi, Me Ma, Oma, Kanake, Yrsa, Red Dragon, CandiXXX's said...

I really like the face cut ups. You have quite a knack for layouts they POP!

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