Monday, July 09, 2007

Okay, I am ready for a new computer!

Yes, I am around! But I am in tears (literally). All my hard work I have saved to my external hard drive is in jeopardy and it is on the fritz. I think with a lot of more hard work I should be able to save the most important things from it but not everything. If I can get my photos and my pages off then I will be happy. I am so worried though. I will be working on doing this for the next week I suspect. I guess it is time for me to look into buying another new computer! Augh!

My husband says that I go through way too many computers. I am not sure why. This one is over 4 years old though. It has out lasted any computer I have ever had. Maybe because I use it so much I drive it to the ground! I am not sure the reason but I have got to do something!

Anyhow, thank you all for being patient. I will try to not be so frustrated and get some templates done this week too but I can't promise because I can't think when I am worried or depressed! I know all this drama over a computer! No it is over my precious photos! Oh, my!

Thanks all! And those that have requested some family heritage photos I will be contacting you soon as to how to get them. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

So sorry that you are having computer problems! You are not showing drama! It is quite understandable that you are worried and depressed!! That is your top priority right now!!! Just take it slow and easy on the computer and hopefully you will be able to recovery all that you can. My prayers are with you. BettyJoR

grambie said...

Look, you have a right to be down regarding the computer problems you are having. Your computer has become a part of you & when it is not up to performance, it is only natural to be upset. I do not have a blog, nor make kits, nor template to share, but when my computer was messing up, I was livid. Now to find out that it was Norton's 2006 with go back that caused the problem, is extremely upsetting. Now getting ready to do battle with Synmantics for a refund or their new software 360 package.

So let it all out, this is your blog & when you are depressed about it, it definitely is a hinderance with your designs. The thing is, I have gone through 2 computers & on my 3rd that is not even 3 yrs old, my son just purchased his new Apple about 2 months ago. I can't afford a decent apple, nor replace my software, if I could, I definitely would give up. Sony had an excellent reputation, but it is now using H1 visa employees in CA paying lower wages, so now the repair service is the pits. So don't purchase a Sony because of their repair service, plus they try to lie when they make mistakes. If you can afford it, get yourself an Apple, expensive but sturdy & long lasting.

So, relax, take a deep breathe, & tell the nay sayers to get a life. They are dealing with a designer who is restricted from doing what she does best--design. HUGS!!!

Ruby said...

I hope your computer problems get resolved soon. I was thinking tonight that I needed to check your blog because I had not got a letter template for a while. (I was on vacation for a week). I hate to miss any. If I am correct the H is the last one posted so I am okay. Thanks for all your shares.

Joy said...

I am SO sorry for your computer issues. I had a horrible EHD that SAID it had backed things up, but hadn't...I just got a new MacBook and am having to make a bizillion DVDs to transfer info...SAY, one time my computer crashed and the computer dudes were able to reacue MOST of my stuff...maybe they can do the same for your precious photos.

Paula said...

Hope your computer issues are resolved to your liking and you get all your photos, etc.

Just think of the fun you will have with a faster computer :)

The Recyclers said...

Janeal, I wish you to get over it quick and get all your photos and data back ! And those 4 years seem pretty Ok to me :).

Lisa said...

Been wondering where you were! Hope you get your computer problems all fixed! We miss you bunches!

Deborah Misfit said...

I am so sorry you are having computer problems. I remember all too well when we were without one for almost a year! Goodness, I was in deep withdrawel. I hope it all works out for you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that the computer problems have taken you away so long... Hope you find a resolution to your problems.

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